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Top Five Places to Live in Stratford

London has always been a ‘city of perpetual works’ but postcodes E15 and E20 really stand out. In fact, they have almost totally transformed over the last decade. They’ve become a magnet for people across the world, so we’re going to show you the best places to live in Stratford. The 2012 London Olympics fundamentally transformed this area of east London, and the regeneration was a central part of the bid, the games and the legacy. Part of the newly developed portion even got a new postcode. E20 had hitherto only existed as a fictional postcode for Walford, the location of the hit British TV series Eastenders – life imitating art!

But where are the best places to live in Stratford? The best way to find out is by asking the people who already live there, and we did exactly that! Every day we speak to hundreds of locals across the capital. We ask what they think not only about their area but also their specific homes. Here are the answers.

Top 5 new property developments in Stratford

Stratford has emerged in the last decade as a thriving and vibrant East London community. Its excellent transport connections and local amenities make it stand out as a superb option within easy reach of Canary Wharf, the City of London and other central areas. Take a look below at the five highest-rated new build developments in Stratford. As ever, the rankings are based solely on the reviews of verified residents on HomeViews, and nothing else.

*PLEASE NOTE these rankings take into account how many reviews a scheme has and how recently those reviews have been submitted, so may not match the overall star ratings shown. Buildings with a larger number of more recent reviews are given a greater weighting to reflect current building performance.

Image of East Village, E20

The top-ranked development in Stratford is East Village, E20, which is just 300m from Stratford Station. Developer Get Living designed all the homes on this scheme to be rented out and include one, two, three and four-bedroom properties. The former Athletes’ Village is now a buzzing community of over 3,000 people. According to the residents we spoke to, one of the factors about the scheme they rated most highly was the location, which scored an impressive 4.73 out of 5.

Read reviews and details of East Village, E20

Image of Coppermaker Square, E20Image of Coppermaker Square, E20

Taking the 2nd top spot in Stratford is this rental-only development from Greystar. Coppermaker Square offers 1,225 rental apartments in a vibrant city neighbourhood, available to move in now, where residents can benefit from resident-only amenities including a 25m pool, spa, gym and studios, co-working space, roof terrace and a private dining space. Residents can enjoy green spaces and amenities on their doorstep in a well-connected area of London.

Read reviews and details of Coppermaker Square, E20

Image of Glasshouse Gardens, E20Image of Glasshouse Gardens, E20

Taking a well-deserved 3rd place is Glasshouse Gardens, a residential development near the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London. Brought to us by Land Lease Europe, it features a mix of studios and one, two and three-bedroom apartments, all of which overlook the park. Stratford International station and Westfield Stratford City are both within close proximity.

Read reviews and details of Glasshouse Gardens, E20

Image of Stratford Central, E15Image of Stratford Central, E15

heading right to the heart of things at number 4 we have Stratford Central, which is a 31-storey residential tower set on Great Eastern Street in Stratford. It is just a short hop from Stratford’s Underground, Overground and DLR stations. Also, it is close to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Furthermore, there are 157 units here. These comprise of a mixture of one, two and three-bedroom apartments, suites and penthouses, all with kitchens by Urban Myth.

Read reviews and details of Stratford Central, E15

Image of Folio London at New Garden Quarter, E15Image of Folio London at New Garden Quarter, E15

And finally, Folio London own and manage 112 one, two and three-bed apartments and duplexes at New Garden Quarter in Stratford by Telford Homes. The development is only minutes away from Stratford International and Underground stations with Westfield Shopping Centre and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park also nearby.

Read reviews and details of Folio London at New Garden Quarter, E15

Prices and rents in Stratford

The average property price in Stratford is £465,500. This is according to Rightmove data on sales in the area for the 12 months to May 2024. This places property in Stratford some way below the average price for London overall, which is £704,000.

For rentals, Stratford averages a monthly cost of £2,500, according to One bedroom properties are available for around £2,160 per calendar month, while a three-bedroom rental property averages £3,400 per month.

Are you interested in finding out more about living in Stratford? Take a look at our detailed guide below, which has all the information you’ll need on this thriving East London community, as well as information on all the best new build developments in the area

Pre-2012 London Olympics, Stratford was, for many, just a place where the Jubilee line terminated. But the Games put this East London district well and truly on the map. Modern residential developments (with a plethora of amenities) have been multiplying here ever since. Where Read more about Stratford

What is HomeViews?What is HomeViews?

HomeViews is the only independent review platform for residential developments in the UK. Prospective buyers and tenants use it to make an informed decision on where to live based on insights from carefully verified resident reviews. Part of Rightmove since February 2024, we’re working with developers, house builders, operators, housing associations and the Government to give residents a voice, recognise high performers and to help improve standards across the industry.

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What is ground rent? How do I avoid it?

We take a look at ground rent, why it needs to be paid and how you can get rid of it. We’ll aim to answer all the most frequently asked questions on ground rent and some related topics around owning a leasehold property.

What is ground rent?

Ground rent is a regular payment to the freeholder that you’ll need to make if you own a leasehold property. The freeholder charges it, though it may be collected by a management services company.

Is ground rent the same as rent?

Ground rent is not the same as rent. Regular rent – what tenants, landlords and estate agencies usually refer to as ‘rent’ – is the monthly charge for living in the owner’s property. Freeholders tend to charge ground rent in addition to this.

Why do you pay ground rent?

As a leaseholder, you need to pay ground rent because the freeholder owns the land and you pay them to ‘lease’ the land that your property is on. While there is reform underway on ground rent in the UK, currently leaseholders lease the land and the actual property separately.

Who pays ground rent?

The leaseholder normally pays ground rent to the freeholder, or sometimes to a superior leaseholder. The terms of your lease should say when, and how much, the payments should be. You can also see how often it can be increased. And by how much.

What’s included in ground rent?

Ground rent is literally the charge for renting out the land from the freeholder, it doesn’t include any extra services. If you pay ground rent as a leaseholder, you will also likely pay annual service charges. This is a flat fee that a management company charges on behalf of the freeholder.

Annual service charges may include things like the cleaning of communal areas, upkeep on gardens, and the use of any on-site facilities, such as a gym or swimming pool.

What is a typical ground rent?

A typical ground rent is usually up to £400 per year, but can be more, depending on the terms of your lease. You need to read the terms of your lease very carefully, as some unscrupulous freeholders may increase ground rents regularly, and by large amounts.

How is ground rent calculated?

In the UK, there is no set way to calculate ground rent. Freeholders can technically charge whatever they want for ground rent. In reality, any more than £500 per year, or £1,000 for London properties, is excessive.

The potential for freeholders to exploit ground rent by overcharging is the main reason that set off the ‘Ground Rent Scandal’. This, in turn, has led to the reforms to ground rent through the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022.

What is HomeViews?What is HomeViews?

Is ground rent normal?

Ground rent is a wholly normal part of the UK property scene. The vast majority of freeholders do charge leaseholders ground rent if applicable. Ground rent is not a scam, it is an entirely legal charge that can be levied by freeholders.

How do I get rid of ground rent?

If you’re a homeowner in Wales or England you cannot buy out your ground rent. However, you may be able to gain a share of the freehold. To do this, you and at least half of the other leaseholders would need to buy the freehold of the building.

We look at the benefits and drawbacks of doing this in our article What does share of freehold mean?

What happens if I don’t pay ground rent?

If you don’t pay your ground rent the freeholder can take legal action against you. They can get a court order that will allow them to recover the money you owe them. They can also regain possession of the property from you by bringing what’s called a forfeiture action. However, they can only do this once you have owed them ground rent for at least three years and owe them at least £350.

Will ground rent be abolished?

Following the ground rent scandal, the UK government created new laws around leasehold practices, specifically related to ground rents. The Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022 establishes the banning of ground rents from 30 June 2022, for anyone buying a new home on a long lease (21 years or longer). This is in addition to other measures designed to protect leaseholders.

The Government claims that this will benefit around 4.5 million UK leaseholders. It will also serve as the start of a process of major reform on leasehold property management in general. In November 2023, a consultation was launched on the restriction of ground rent for existing leases.

Can a landlord increase my ground rent?

Landlords can only increase your ground rent if the terms of that increase are set out in your lease. For example, some leases state that the ground rent will increase according to the rental value of the property. Or, it may increase by a fixed amount at certain times.

How often do you have to pay ground rent?

You will normally pay ground rent annually. However, you can also pay it bi-annually (every six months) or quarterly (every three months). The terms of the lease should state the payment schedule clearly.

Who is ground rent paid to?

The freeholder charges ground rent to leaseholders. Alternatively, the ultimate owner of the land you live on may charge you ground rent. While you may sometimes pay ground rent payments to a management company, the money ultimately ends up back with the freeholder.

Do freeholders pay ground rent?

The only way you may pay ground rent as a freeholder is if you own the property on a ‘share of freehold’ basis. This means you own the property as a leasehold, with a certain portion of the freehold included in the purchase. This type of buying arrangement usually applies to apartments. If you own the property on a ‘share of freehold’ basis, the terms are the same as a standard leasehold. So, you may still have to pay ground rent.

Some cases still exist where freeholders are charged a nominal ground rent, around, £5 or lower. This is a holdover from ancient laws that are still applicable in certain areas of the country. 1930s properties in the Bristol and Greater Manchester areas are some examples.

One commonly cited historic law on ground rent is that of the peppercorn ground rent. See below for details.

What is a peppercorn ground rent?

Historically, a ‘peppercorn’ ground rent meant a rent that was of nominal or low value. The Gov.UK guidance on the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022 is the first legal act to properly define this term as ‘an annual rent of one peppercorn’. The Act itself restricts ground rents on new leases (unless an excepted or non-regulated lease) to a peppercorn rent. This means that ground rent on new leases is effectively restricted to zero.

Freeholders are not expected to actually start charging a literal peppercorn.

Is ground rent the same as service charge?

Although ground rent and service charge are both associated with leasehold properties, they aren’t the same thing. Ground rent is a payment to your landlord, set out in the terms of the leasehold. The landlord doesn’t necessarily need to provide a service for your ground rent payment. Service charges, on the other hand, are payments to cover the cost of maintenance of your building or its grounds. Depending on the terms of your lease, a freeholder could ask you to pay both ground rent and a service charge.

What is the ground rent scandal?

The leasehold and ground rent scandal refers to the way that some freeholders in recent years have included unfair ground rent charges in their lease terms. This allowed them to increase ground rent so much that leaseholders could no longer afford it and struggled to sell their properties.

If you have been affected by unfair leasehold practices, follow the Government’s investigation into the issue here. The UK’s top 4 housebuilders – Barratt Developments, Countryside Properties, Persimmon Homes and Taylor Wimpey, plus other freeholders, were investigated for unfair practices around the selling of leasehold homes. Between late 2020 and late 2021, the freeholders and housebuilders agreed to change their leasehold processes, including clauses that were allowing ground rent charges to escalate.

What is happening with Ground Rent in 2024?

In May 2024, the Leasehold and Freehold Reform Act received royal assent and passed into UK law. This piece of legislation caps the ground rent charges at 0.1% of the value of the property in most cases. This means that if your ground rent is currently higher than this, you may see a reduction.

However, there were proposals to remove ground rent altogether or cap it at £250. These proposed changes didn’t make it into the final law.

These changes to ground rent law come in addition to the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022. This legislation banned ground rent for new leasehold agreements, not existing ones.

Nevertheless, despite all efforts to abolish ground rent altogether for existing leaseholders, the latest legislation means ground rent isn;t going to disappear altogether.

Find answers to more of your property-related questions in our HomeViews Guides articles.

HomeViews is the only independent review platform for residential developments in the UK. Prospective buyers and tenants use it to make an informed decision on where to live based on insights from carefully verified resident reviews. Part of Rightmove since February 2024, we’re working with developers, house builders, operators, housing associations and the Government to give residents a voice, recognise high performers and to help improve standards across the industry.

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10 best places to live in Ealing

Often called the ‘Queen of Suburbs’, Ealing has enjoyed a major facelift in recent years. With its renovated town centre, expanding property developments and future Crossrail links, the queen is more confident than ever. But where are the best places to live in Ealing, when there’s such variety on offer?

To get the answer, we turn to HomeViews reviews – independent, verified insights from local residents. Before we jump into our list of the top 10 new developments in the area, let us give you an overview of Ealing itself.

10 Best places to live in Ealing

Now it’s time to take a closer look at the highest-ranked new build developments on offer across Ealing, according to our reviewers. Through residents scoring their current home’s design, location, management, facilities and value for money, we can show you the top-rated new developments in the area.

If any of our listed developments catch your eye, just click and you’ll find their dedicated page. This will have a full list of all its reviews, comments and scores.

*PLEASE NOTE these rankings take into account how many reviews a scheme has and how recently those reviews have been submitted, so may not match the overall star ratings shown. Buildings with a larger number of more recent reviews are given a greater weighting to reflect current building performance.

Image of Lyons Dock at Greenford Quay, UB6

For the top-rated development for Ealing we’re headed down to the ever-popular Greenford Quay, specifically the Lyons Dock development from Greystar. It offers 251 brand-new studios, one, two, and three-bedroom apartments to rent. As well as this, residents benefit from enviable amenities, including a gym, dining room, cinema, lounge, meeting rooms, children’s play area, and rooftop terrace.

Read reviews and details of Lyons Dock at Greenford Quay, UB6

Image of Tillermans at Greenford Quay, UB6Image of Tillermans at Greenford Quay, UB6

We’re staying at Greenford Quay for 2nd place in Ealing, as it’s taken by the Tillermans Greenford Quay development, also by Greystar. With 379 rental-only residential units, the development is located between Greenford, Sudbury Hill and Sudbury Hill Harrow stations, which offer connections to the Piccadilly and Central lines as well as Chiltern Railways and GWR services.

Read reviews and details of Tillermans at Greenford Quay, UB6

Image of So Resi Greenford, UB6Image of So Resi Greenford, UB6

Taking the 3rd spot on our list is So Resi Greenford, which offers 84 shared ownership properties, covering a collection of one, two and three-bedroom apartments. Each of these homes – most with balconies and en-suites – are just moments from Greenford Underground station and within easy reach of local transport links.

Read reviews and details of So Resi Greenford, UB6

Image of Vida, W3Image of Vida, W3

4th place currently goes to Vida, a residential development in the heart of Acton. Developed by Hill Residential, apartments here vary from one to two bedrooms, and include a selection of two-bedroom duplex apartments and three-bedroom maisonettes. Nearby transport links included National Rail services at Acton Central and the tube at East Acton Underground.

Read reviews and details of Vida, W3

Image of The Lock at Greenford Quay, UB6Image of The Lock at Greenford Quay, UB6

We’re headed back to Greenford Quay for number 5, this time for The Lock. With 3 developments all in the top 5 for Ealing, this should tell you just how popular this area is. The 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes at The Lock offer carefully designed living spaces. Additionally, there is plenty of natural light through floor to ceiling windows with views of the canal and beyond. Greenford Quay offers everything you need to make the most of London, combining peace and quiet, with fun and accessibility. Central London, with its choice of live venues, clubs, cinemas and theatres is just 30 minutes away.

Read reviews and details of The Lock at Greenford Quay, UB6

Image of AWOL at One West Point – Rental Only, W3Image of AWOL at One West Point – Rental Only, W3

Storming into 6th is AWOL at One West Point, a collection of new build apartments located in Acton. The development provides 24 hour concierge, a private dining suite, private bar, restaurant and food hall, branded coffee shop, a yoga mediation and holistic suite, a fully equipped gymnasium, a private screening room, doggy day care facilities and a children’s soft play retreat.

Read reviews and details of AWOL at One West Point – Rental Only, W3

Image of The Green Quarter, UB1Image of The Green Quarter, UB1

Our 7th top-rated development for Ealing is The Green Quarter, which is considered one of the most significant regeneration projects in the UK and is set to become one of the most biodiverse. Once fully complete, it will have a transforming landscape with wetlands, parks, community areas and acres of green open spaces. The development offers a selection of suites as well as one, two and three-bedroom apartments. In addition, the Crossrail Station is just a short stroll away for those commuting into Central London. Likewise, Heathrow Airport, the M4 and M25 are also within close proximity.

Read reviews and details of The Green Quarter, UB1

Image of Dickens Yard, W5Image of Dickens Yard, W5

Please sir, we want some more…. top-rated developments! Sneaking in at number 8 is Dickens Yard, a development by St George for Berkeley. It totals 698 apartments in the heart of Ealing and sits close to Ealing Broadway Underground station, Dickens Yard residents also benefit from the newly developed Crossrail service, the Elizabeth Line.

Read reviews and details of Dickens Yard, W5

Image of Acton Square, W3Image of Acton Square, W3

In 9th, Acton Square is a Bellway Homes mixed-use development located in Ealing. It offers 95 apartments, ranging from studios to 3-bedrooms. Residents benefit from resident parking and from being situated near Acton Town centre, just a mile away, and four tube stations within walking distance.

Read reviews and details of Acton Square, W3

Image of Chiswick Point, W4Image of Chiswick Point, W4

For the 10th spot on this list we have Chiswick Point by Bellway Homes. It’s a mixed-use development scheme which consists of 125 one, two, three and four-bedroom apartments. The development is next to the Gunnersbury Triangle Local Nature Reserve and sits only a three-minute walk away from Chiswick Park Station, which has connections to the District Line.

Read reviews and details of Chiswick Point, W4

What zone is Ealing in?

Ealing covers a large slice of West London and mostly falls in Zone 3 for TfL services. Altogether, there are 13 Underground stations across the borough, with several in Zones 4 and 5.

As well as its assigned zone, people frequently wonder what county is Ealing in. Even though today it’s part of Greater London, historically Ealing was counted as being in Middlesex.

What’s it like Living in Ealing?

There’s a lot of variety in Ealing, given its size – it’s London’s third-largest borough by population. While it does have a suburban vibe, there’s plenty of excitement and culture to soak up here. If you’re wondering what to do in Ealing, start with the big attractions.

First off, Ealing has plenty of green spaces and cultural attractions to offer. The impressive Walpole Park, with the very grand Pitzhanger Manor House, sits at its entrance. It’s a great place to start exploring Ealing’s greener side. There’s also Questor’s Theatre, which is the largest amateur dramatic playhouse in Europe.

What is HomeViews?What is HomeViews?

For shopping and dining, Ealing Broadway shopping centre is a big draw thanks to its £14 million refurbishment. Also, some of the best restaurants in Ealing Broadway rank among the finest in the borough. Nearby Chiswick High Street just over into Hounslow is another top spot that mixes big chain stores with smart independent boutiques. You have plenty of choice across the rest of the borough too.

If there’s not quite enough to satisfy you locally, Ealing is also well served with transport links. The Central, District and Piccadilly Lines all run through Ealing Broadway station, and there’s excellent borough-wide bus route coverage.

What are the best places to live in Ealing?

Ealing spans a broad geographical area to the west of London, with numerous communities, that can offer something to suit a variety of different lifestyles. Bustling Ealing Broadway and central Ealing is the heart of the borough, with its shopping centre and wealth of cafés and restaurants. The likes of Hanwell, Greenford and Perivale provide a more suburban feel, with access to large swathes of green space. Meanwhile, towards the east of the borough, Acton is a slightly more built-up and energetic community, with easy access to Central London.

What are Average Ealing property prices in 2024?

When it comes to property for sale, Ealing has a great range of styles and prices. The current borough average is higher than the London average, at £785,000 (compared to £704,000 for London overall – both according to Rightmove data from May 2024). If you’re looking to rent in Ealing, expect to pay around £2,200 per month. This sits substantially below the London average of £2,950, meaning that finding comfortable rental rates is easily doable.

Hopefully, our list will give you a better idea of the best places to live in Ealing, whatever your tastes and budget. For more details, try our Ealing area guide. Here you’ll find more information about the community, transport connections and more development options to browse.

Borough of EalingBorough of Ealing
Ealing, or ‘The Queen of the Suburbs’ as it’s fondly known, is a happy balance between city and countryside living. Train and tube stations offer fantastic connections to the heart of the capital, as well as this it has retained a rural, characterful look Read more about Borough of Ealing

HomeViews is the only independent review platform for residential developments in the UK. Prospective buyers and tenants use it to make an informed decision on where to live based on insights from carefully verified resident reviews. Part of Rightmove since February 2024, we’re working with developers, house builders, operators, housing associations and the Government to give residents a voice, recognise high performers and to help improve standards across the industry.

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5 best places to live in Brixton

How do you know where to find the best property developments in Brixton? Just ask the people who live there! That’s exactly what we did to put together our list of the 5 best places to live in Brixton. Read on to see what our resident reviewers think are the best spots in one of South London’s most vibrant areas.

5 best places to live in Brixton

If Brixton’s undeniable energy and culture are appealing to you, then the best place to get a sense of the market is with our residents’ top-ranked developments. These are top five places to live in Brixton according to the people who live in new build homes in the area. Based solely on their reviews, the following developments have the best overall scores.

*PLEASE NOTE these rankings take into account how many reviews a scheme has and how recently those reviews have been submitted, so may not match the overall star ratings shown. Buildings with a larger number of more recent reviews are given a greater weighting to reflect current building performance.

Image of Brixton Square, SW9

At the very top of our list is Brixton Square, which combines the appeal of thoughtful, modern design with an unbeatable location. Residents say they love being so close to Brixton station and the beating heart of the area, Brixton Village. The development itself offers swish apartments including duplex, penthouse style apartments on top of the two purpose-built blocks – Milles Square and Carney Place. There’s also a handful of retail outlets on site and a wide range of attractive facilities for residents to use.

Read reviews and details of Brixton Square, SW9

Image of Oval Quarter, SW9Image of Oval Quarter, SW9

Second on our list is Oval Quarter. Completed in 2017, this residential development features 808 units, with a mix of one, two and three-bedroom apartments alongside a range of three and four-bedroom houses. Myatt’s Fields Park is only a 6-minute walk away and there’s a good range of transport options within the surrounding area, including Oval and Stockwell Underground stations as well as Loughborough Junction and Denmark Hill rail stations.

Read reviews and details of Oval Quarter, SW9

Image of The Edge, SW9Image of The Edge, SW9

Next up is The Edge, which has nothing to do with Irish rock band sensation U2. It is in fact a Taylor Wimpey development on Gresham Road in the centre of Brixton. It features one, two and three-bedroom apartments, all within close proximity to Brixton Village and Brixton’s Underground and National Rail stations. From here, residents can hop on the Victoria line and reach the West End in under 20 minutes.

Read reviews and details of The Edge, SW9

Image of The Junction, SW9Image of The Junction, SW9

In fourth place is The Junction, a Network Homes mixed-use development located in Brixton. It consists of 92 one and two-bedroom apartments, as well as some office/retail space on the ground floors. The development is situated just a short walk from Brixton station, which is served by the Victoria line and national rail services.

Read reviews and details of The Junction, SW9

Image of Electric Quarter, SW9Image of Electric Quarter, SW9

Taking fifth place in Brixton is Electric Quarter, a collection of one, two and three-bedroom apartments from Guinness Homes. It’s set in Loughborough Park, in the heart of the Brixton area, close to the Brixton Underground and Brixton Rail Station. Local attractions such as Brixton Market, Brixton Village and Hootananny are all close by.

Read reviews and details of Electric Quarter, SW9

What is living in Brixton like?

While many may complain about the pace of change, within a single generation Brixton has completely reinvented itself. It has shrugged off its prior reputation for crime, poverty and unrest from the 80s and 90s, emerging as one of London’s coolest and most culturally vibrant areas.

Today, Brixton offers incredible variety, and that goes for everything. Shopping, restaurants, markets, entertainment, cultural attractions (big and small), green spaces to chill, Brixton has it all.

People are flocking to Brixton for two main reasons: opportunity and atmosphere. It’s an area that is undeniably on the up and up, thanks to continued urban renewal efforts and private investment pouring in.

At the same time, Brixton fights to maintains its authenticity. The deep roots of the community are still felt throughout the area, and can be seen in the unique shops, markets, restaurants and events that are constantly serving up something new.

What are the best areas to live in Brixton?

Right in the heart of Brixton is where you’ll find the main station, O2 Academy Brixton and many of the most prominent parts of the commercial and dining scene. Brixton Village is a must-visit, as many of the best restaurants in Brixton can be found here. From Afro-Caribbean eateries to Thai takeout and artisanal stalls, everything has come together to renovate this old arcade to a new lease of life.

Brixton Hill is to the south, and is a much more residential part of the neighbourhood. It’s also pretty famous for its large murals painted by local artists on walls and the sides of houses. They’re as beautiful, vibrant and colourful as the community itself.

Over to the east, Herne Hill sits between central Brixton and Dulwich. Here you’ll find streets full of independent shops, alongside an admirable selection of characterful cafes, pubs and bars. There’s also the tranquil Brockwell Park that makes up the southeast corner of Brixton. Complete with an ever-popular lido, it makes for a lovely day out.

Brockwell Park (Image credit: Images George Rex)

Bars in Brixton

If you’re ever lost in Brixton, rest assured that you’re never far from a good pub, club or watering hole. Brixton Academy and Hootananny are long-established hot spots for the late-night crowds. If you’re more into the cocktail bar scene, Shrub & Shutter, Courtesan (which is also a great dim-sum restaurant) and Rum Kitchen are just some of the highlights of the neighbouring’s popping nightlife.

As for a more simple yet enjoyable affair, the Wine Parlour is another local favourite. There’s no muss, no fuss here, just sit down and enjoy a lovely glass of wine. If you need help choosing, the staff are more than happy to help you find your next favourite drop!

There’s also no shortage of hidden gem pubs and bars in Brixton. The Beast of Brixton is one of those pubs that never seems too overcrowded despite its huge popularity. It helps that it’s tucked away a bit on Acre Lane.

Perhaps one of the newest hidden gems is Lost in Brixton, which opened in 2020 which is perched at the top of Brixton Village. So how is it ‘hidden’ exactly? Well, it has a hidden stairway, elevating what is already an extremely cool outside bar to a neighbourhood favourite.

Average property prices in Brixton in 2024

As of May 2024, according to Rightmove, the average price of a property in Brixton is £640,000. This is significantly below the London average of £704,000. Flats are the most popular property type sold here, going for an average of £481,000 in the past year.

When it comes to renting, you can find competitive rates in Brixton. Compared to the London average, rental rates in Brixton are significantly lower at £2,400 per calendar month.

If you want to know more about what to expect from Brixton, our dedicated guide below has plenty of extra information. Here you’ll also find all our listings for both sales and rental properties.

Back in the 1980s, Brixton was talked-about more for its high crime rates than anything else. But heavy investment and a host of new business have transformed this rainbow-coloured neighbourhood for the better. Brixton’s a creative hub packed with street art, independent shops and Read more about Brixton

HomeViews is the only independent review platform for residential developments in the UK. Prospective buyers and tenants use it to make an informed decision on where to live based on insights from carefully verified resident reviews. Part of Rightmove since February 2024, we’re working with developers, house builders, operators, housing associations and the Government to give residents a voice, recognise high performers and to help improve standards across the industry.

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10 best private schools in South East England and where to live nearby

If you intend to send your young ones to a fee-paying school, it makes sense to investigate your options in advance. The southeast counties contain more well-performing schools than any other region, so it’s a great place to start your search. Not only will we reveal the 10 best private schools in South East England, but the adjoining area guides will also direct you to the top-rated places to live nearby.

We have created our list by extracting performance data from The Sunday Times Parent Power 2022 league tables. The data uses the average A-level, GCSE, IB, Pre-U, Advanced Higher, Higher and National 5 moderated exam performance from 2017–19. By using the average, parents can get a better sense of a school’s long-term performance, thereby avoiding concerns regarding the use of internal assessment during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What is HomeViews?

10 best private schools in South East England

In 2021, students did not sit public examinations due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Teachers awarded grades according to strictly controlled internal assessment criteria. However, the rankings below also consider pre-pandemic grades for a more rounded picture. Now you’re fully informed, read on to discover the 10 best private schools in South East England.

1. Wycombe Abbey School

96.7% A-level A*- B

96.7% GCSE A*/A/9/8/7

Hugged by the Chiltern Hills’ rolling countryside, Wycombe Abbey School offers both day and boarding places to 656 girls aged 11 to 18. The school is at the top of our list, but it’s also ranked 3rd nationally according to The Sunday Times Parent Power table.

Dame Frances Dove – a promoter of equal educational opportunities for girls – founded Wycombe Abbey in 1896. According to a recent report, the school ‘aims to pursue academic excellence, develop the talents of each pupil in creative, physical and social skills, and encourage faith in God and service to other people’.

The boarding system supports this process by offering pupils the chance to develop long-term friendships and participate in various activities and events. There are 11 boarding houses on the school site, including one for Year 7 and another for pupils in Year 13. Some also benefit from en suite rooms and study areas, with girls between the ages of 12 and 16 living in mixed-age bedrooms.


Day: £10,315 (includes lunch).
Boarding: £13,750.

Click here to download the school’s inspection report.

Buckinghamshire is a county in the southeast of England. The largest and most populous town in Buckinghamshire is Milton Keynes with over 200,000 residents. Other large towns include Aylesbury, High Wycombe and Slough. There are lots of villages to explore as well such as Read more about Buckinghamshire

2. Magdalen College School

96.6% A-level A*- B

95.3% GCSE A*/A/9/8/7

A traditional boys’ private school dating back to 1480, Magdalen College in Oxford has a high success rate for pupils attaining places at Oxbridge and Russell Group universities. Its 985 pupils range from 7 to 18 years of age, with girls welcome to join the sixth form. Ranked 4th nationally, the school was dubbed Southeast Independent Secondary School of the Year 2018-19 by The Sunday Times.

The school claims its outstanding academic achievements result from reaching far beyond the curriculum, which includes sports, community service placements, and ‘a dazzling array of musical, dramatic and artistic performances’. Therefore, it’s no wonder MCS has produced scholars, war heroes, musicians, Olympians, a Nobel Prize laureate, a Hollywood film director, and a saint.


Day: £6,600 (11-18). 10% of pupils achieved a place at the school through the bursary scheme. 80% of bursary pupils were also awarded Oxbridge places in 2020.

You can view the school’s inspection report here.

Oxfordshire is a county in the south of England, home to many great schools and universities. The population is around 638,000 people. Oxfordshire has some lovely countryside that would be perfect for anyone looking to move away from city life with their family. If Read more about Oxfordshire

3. Guildford High School

95.3% A-level A*- B

97.2% GCSE A*/A/9/8/7

Boasting the title of The Sunday Times Independent School of the Decade, Guildford High School in Surrey welcomes 985 girls through its doors from the age of four. In 2020, it was also named the Independent Girls School’s Sporting School of the Year. On-site facilities include a dedicated sixth form centre, an athletics track and sports centre, and the grounds of Stoke Park. In addition, Guildford’s London Road train station is located adjacent to the site and runs services between London Waterloo and Guildford.

Guildford High School has a separate Junior School and Senior School, which form ‘a happy, purposeful, and vibrant community’ centred on eight key aims. These focus on helping pupils maximise their self-belief and potential and fostering values that assist them with learning and life.


Day: £6,100 to £6,180 (11-18).

Read the latest inspection report here.

Surrey is a county in the south of England. It has an area of 1,663 square kilometres and a population of 1.2 million people. Surrey borders London to the North West and Hampshire to the East. The county has many beautiful parks which are Read more about Surrey

4. Brighton College

97.4% A-level A*- B

90.9% GCSE A*/A/9/8/7

Comfortably within our Top 5 – and joint 8th nationally – Brighton College also claims the title of The Sunday Times Independent Secondary School of the Decade. Based in the heart of the vibrant seaside town of Brighton, the college has around 1,200 mixed pupils aged between 11 and 18, including a mixed sixth form. Pupils are welcome to join the college’s nursery and preparatory school, which is just across the road.

In 2021, the Independent Schools Inspectorate awarded the College and Prep Schools ‘Excellent’ in all categories – the highest possible ranking. The headmaster puts this down to the inspirational teaching offered and the school’s engaged and happy pupils. Perhaps the reason for the latter is the school’s emphasis on the personal happiness of each student. This is achieved by treating them with ‘love, kindness, and respect’ and celebrating everyone’s unique talents and traits.


Day: £6,120 to £8,900 (11-18). Includes lunch.
Boarding: £12,220 to £14,550 (13-18).

Learn more about the school’s excellent inspection report here.

East SussexEast Sussex
East Sussex is a county in the southeast of England with a coastline that has many beautiful cliffs and salt marshes which are a haven for birdlife. There are also plenty of coastal towns with stunning beaches such as Bexhill or Hastings that offer Read more about East Sussex

5. Sevenoaks School

95.8% A-level A*- B

92.7% GCSE A*/A/9/8/7

Our fifth-highest entrant and the 10th best private school nationally, Sevenoaks School has a thriving International Baccalaureate Diploma programme. A co-educational independent, it has just over 1,100 pupils ranging from 11 to 18 from over 45 countries, giving the school a global outlook. All pupils benefit from living, learning, and playing sports on a 100-acre campus in the Kent countryside. However, the school is conveniently located just half an hour from Central London and Gatwick International Airport.


Day: £8,340 to £9,471 (11-18). Includes lunch.
Boarding: £13,320 to £14,451 (11-18).

Download Sevenoaks School’s inspection report here.

Kent is one of the most popular counties in England, with a population of 1.8 million people. It has some really beautiful scenery and many great amenities for families that are looking to buy their first home or move up into a nicer place. Read more about Kent

6. Eton College

94.6% A-level A*- B

95% GCSE A*/A/9/8/7

Having educated the likes of Prince William and Harry, Eton College in Windsor must be one of the most famous schools in the world. Plus, it’s currently ranked 11th nationally and educates around 1,300 boys from 13 to 18. Besides allegedly inventing the traditional English dessert, Eton Mess, the all-boys school has a history stretching back to 1440.

Tradition is still an important part of the school’s identity, but it also credits its innovative thinking for its survival over six centuries. Its ‘award-winning flagship embedded research facility, The Tony Little Centre for Innovation and Research in Learning, is at the core of these new developments’. Meanwhile, its global digital education platform, EtonX, is also part of the college’s growing digital expertise.

Academically speaking, the curriculum is broad, offering 28 subjects, including ten modern and classical languages. Masters hold prestigious degrees in their subjects but are chosen for their ability to inspire and support their students. The House Master and Tutor system ensures at least two adults oversee every boy’s progress.


Boarding: £14,698 (13-18). It’s also worth noting that 100 Eton pupils currently receive free education through the college’s bursary scheme.

Click here to download Eton’s most recent inspection report.

Berkshire is a county in the South East of England. It has a population of around 540,000 and contains some beautiful countryside and towns. The landscape here is varied, from chalk downland through rich farmland to woodland and water features. The county town is Read more about Berkshire

7. Haberdashers’ Girls’ School

94.9% A-level A*- B

94.1% GCSE A*/A/9/8/7

Ranked 13th nationally, Haberdashers’ Girls’ School in Elstree, Hertfordshire has also secured a place in our Top 10. The school educates over 1,100 female pupils from 4 to 18 years. Founded in 1875, one of the school’s unique features is that it shares a campus with Habs Boys, providing a single-sex education in a co-educational environment.

The headteacher, Rose Hardy, says: ‘We have an excellent reputation for the academic attainments of all our pupils, but we also believe in the development of the whole person, whether it is excelling in music, sport and drama or simply enjoying participating in them. Charity fund-raising, working with the wider and global community and looking beyond our beautiful campus location are all important aspects of the education provided here’.


Day: £6,690 (11-18).

See how the school performed in its latest report here.

Hertfordshire is a county in the East of England that has been an important centre for trade, industry and commerce since the Iron Age. The county has over 760,000 residents, which makes it one of the most populous counties in England. It also contains Read more about Hertfordshire

8. The Haberdashers’ Boys’ School

95.3% A-level A*- B

91.4% GCSE A*/A/9/8/7

Ranked one spot behind the adjoining girls’ school, Haberdashers’ Boys’ School educates over 1,000 boys from age 5 to 18. As we mentioned above, the school shares its campus with the Habs Girls, so pupils can access a co-educational environment without distractions. Moreover, the ‘exciting’ academic curriculum features a wealth of sporting, dramatic, musical and cultural activity, alongside values of enthusiasm, teamwork and friendship.

Besides this, parents are welcomed into the school for curriculum evenings, where they can learn about particular subject areas and how to support their boys at home. Lunchtime and after school co-curricular clubs and activities run throughout the week too. An extensive coach service also ensures your children can easily get to and from school.


Day: £7,159 (11-18).

See how the school performed in its last inspection here.

Hertfordshire is a county in the East of England that has been an important centre for trade, industry and commerce since the Iron Age. The county has over 760,000 residents, which makes it one of the most populous counties in England. It also contains Read more about Hertfordshire

9. St Mary’s School Ascot

93.1% A-level A*- B

94.8% GCSE A*/A/9/8/7

Ranked 17th nationally, you’ll find St Mary’s in the upmarket town of Ascot in Berkshire, just 45 minutes from London. With only 396 girls aged 11 to 18, this Roman Catholic school operates on a more intimate scale yet enjoys 55 acres of grounds and a full range of subjects at A level. In addition, most of the girls are full boarding, which helps promote a close-knit community feel.

As a Catholic school, chapel forms a core part of the girls’ education, encouraging their emotional and spiritual development. Through this process, St Mary’s aims to promote the values of ‘freedom of spirit, sincerity, and a cheery disposition’, championed by founder Mary Ward.


Day: £10,155 (11-18). Includes lunch.

Boarding: £14,260 (11-18).

Click here to read the latest inspection report.

Berkshire is a county in the South East of England. It has a population of around 540,000 and contains some beautiful countryside and towns. The landscape here is varied, from chalk downland through rich farmland to woodland and water features. The county town is Read more about Berkshire

10. Royal Grammar School, Guildford

93.6% A-level A*- B

90.2% GCSE A*/A/9/8/7

We return to Guildford in Surrey for our 10th most highly rated private school. Here, the Royal Grammar School claims a spot in the Top 20 nationally, providing an outstanding education to its 974 male pupils aged 11 to 18.

Underpinning the school’s success is a community of ‘unfailingly sparky, enthusiastic and inquisitive, humble and unassuming’ boys from all walks of life. Each pupil ‘is valued for his own sake, given the space and the encouragement to fulfil his potential in an environment where there are no stereotypes and each achievement, however small, is noticed’.


Day: £6,345 (11-18).
You can see a copy of the school’s latest report here.

Surrey is a county in the south of England. It has an area of 1,663 square kilometres and a population of 1.2 million people. Surrey borders London to the North West and Hampshire to the East. The county has many beautiful parks which are Read more about Surrey


Where are the best schools in South East England?

As you can see from our list above, the top private schools in the region are in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, East Sussex, Kent, Hertfordshire, Oxfordshire, and Surrey. Meanwhile, the top ten state schools in South East England are in Reading in Berkshire, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells, and Dartford in Kent, Potters Bar and Bishop’s Stortford in Hertfordshire, and Amersham and Marlow in Buckinghamshire.

What is the best private primary school in England?

Guildford High Junior School is the junior counterpart to the third-best private school in South East England. It also boasts a reading scaled score of 115 and a maths scaled score of 112. In fact, The Sunday Times has awarded it the accolade of Independent Preparatory School of the Decade.

It also shares the senior school’s facilities, and staff from the senior school teach some of the subjects. Currently, there are around 280 girls in the Junior School, with two classes per year group. Girls join from age 4, moving into secondary school at 11 without an additional entrance exam.

What are the most famous British private schools?

When you think of famous British private schools, you’re probably picturing traditional all-girls or all-boys institutions. For girls, some of the top names include Guilford High School for Girls, The Godolphin and Latymer School, Queen’s College, Wycombe Abbey, St Helen and St Katharine.

Meanwhile, some of the most famous boys’ schools are St Paul’s School, Eton, Harrow, Winchester College, Charterhouse, Magdalen College School, and King’s College School. Co-educational independent schools are on the rise too. Those with a strong reputation include Westminster School, The Perse School, and Gordonstoun School.

HomeViews provides verified resident reviews of the UK’s housing developments. We’re working with developers, landlords and the Government to recognise high performers.

(Featured image: The Old School, Sevenoaks by Robert Edwards)

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10 best places to live in Bristol according to residents

To discover the best places to live in Bristol, we asked the city’s residents! HomeViews reviews provide verified insights on some of the city’s best new developments. Whether you’re looking to rent or buy new builds, Bristol has some outstanding options. This list will provide you with some great ideas based on the thoughts of the people who live there.

The top 10 will change frequently as fresh reviews for new homes in Bristol come in. Check in regularly as we’ll keep it updated and accurate!

10 best new developments to live in Bristol

Image of Box Makers Yard, BS2

Top of the pile in Bristol is Box Makers Yard, a rental-only development from Urbanbubble. It has a range of one, two and three-bedroom apartments on offer, with a variety of furnished and unfurnished options with courtyard or city views, extra storage and private balconies or terraces. Each apartment comes with an open plan kitchen-living area with floor-to-ceiling windows throughout. Likewise, bespoke designer furniture packs are available.

The development itself offers plenty of amenities and facilities, all available on-site, including a 24/7 concierge service, secure fob access system, resident lounge with a games area, an air-conditioned gym with weekly fitness classes, as well as a private rooftop dining suite with an outdoor terrace.

Read reviews and details of Box Makers Yard, BS2

Image of Templebridge Apartments, BS1Image of Templebridge Apartments, BS1

The Templebridge Apartments development is located on Bristol Harbourside, in close proximity to Cabot Circus and Temple Meads train station. Voted into second position, it comprises just 22 apartments, most of which feature excellent river views from their spacious balconies.

Read reviews and details of Templebridge Apartments, BS1

Image of Hawkins & George, BS1Image of Hawkins & George, BS1
Located at Finzels Reach, Hawkins & George is in the heart of Bristol with over 194 homes to rent. The homes range from studios, 1 and 2 bed apartments. The scheme benefits from being located next to modern offices, bars, restaurants and coffee shops. As well as local amenities renters have onsite resident services team […] Read reviews and details of Hawkins & George, BS1
Image of Frenchay Gardens, BS16Image of Frenchay Gardens, BS16

Frenchay Gardens, by Redrow Homes, is a mere six miles away from Bristol’s city centre, while also conveniently located just half a mile from J1 of the M32. Residents benefit from a range of local supermarkets and leisure facilities, including a cricket club and several golf courses that are nearby. Our residents reviewed Frenchay Gardens into fourth position.

Read reviews and details of Frenchay Gardens, BS16

Image of Wapping Wharf, BS1Image of Wapping Wharf, BS1

In fifth place is Wapping Wharf, an Umberslade development designed by Alec French Architects. It boasts around 500 one, two and three-bedroom apartments located in the historical and cultural heart of Bristol. It is also only a 20-minute walk or six-minute cycle away from Bristol Temple Meads station.

Read reviews and details of Wapping Wharf, BS1

Image of Invicta by A2Dominion Rental Only, BS1Image of Invicta by A2Dominion Rental Only, BS1

Next up is Invicta, a residential development with a range of one, two and three-bedroom apartments on offer. Located on Bristol’s Harbourside, it’s only a short distance away from a good range of waterfront attractions. This is in addition to the plentiful nightlife options and the city centre’s shopping outlets. Bristol Temple Meads station is less than a mile away, which has links to CrossCountry, GWR and South Western Railway services.

Read reviews and details of Invicta by A2Dominion Rental Only, BS1

Image of Canons Gate by A2Dominion Rental Only, BS1Image of Canons Gate by A2Dominion Rental Only, BS1

Canons Gate is an A2Dominion by Rental Only development located on Bristol’s Harbourside. The development features 101 rental-only apartments. All apartments include balconies, and residents can enjoy plenty of space in their landscaped communal gardens and open-plan living rooms. Furthermore, the Harbourside is full of attractions, offering plenty of bars, restaurants, shops and leisure activities. Another benefit is that Bristol Temple Meads station is only about a 20-minute walk away.

Read reviews and details of Canons Gate by A2Dominion Rental Only, BS1

Image of Paintworks Apartments, BS4Image of Paintworks Apartments, BS4

Our eighth entrant, Paintworks Apartment is a Verve development comprising 331 one to four-bedroom apartments, alongside offices and commercial space. It has a waterside location with close proximity to Bristol Temple Meads station. The apartments vary in style from old paint factory buildings to newly built apartments and houses.

Read reviews and details of Paintworks Apartments, BS4

Image of Highbrook Park, BS34Image of Highbrook Park, BS34

Highbrook Park, by Crest Nicholson, sits in the village of Harry Stoke – and ninth place. Comprising one to five-bedroom homes, the development benefits from excellent transport links. With Parkway Station a few minutes away, as well as the M32, residents here have access to central Bristol within 30 minutes.

Read reviews and details of Highbrook Park, BS34

Image of Castle Park View, BS2Image of Castle Park View, BS2
Castle Park View is a 26 storey high-rise building in Bristol, offering one and two bedroom rental apartments. Castle Park View’s central location with Castle Park and Bristol Temple Meads are a short walk away, meaning it offers most amenities on the doorstep. Read reviews and details of Castle Park View, BS2

Is Bristol a good place to live?

Clifton Suspension Bridge Bristol at nightClifton Suspension Bridge Bristol at night
Clifton Suspension Bridge at night

There’s a reason Bristol regularly tops the charts in happiness and satisfaction in major UK polls. It manages to combine the bustle of city life with more tranquil, low-key lifestyle elements.

Culturally, it’s a gold mine. The beauty of its Georgian streets and imposing architecture of major public institutions separate Bristol from the UK’s more faceless cities. This rich history comes to life too, in its outstanding universities, which are among the best in the UK.

There’s also no shortage of beauty in its parks and green spaces, and the Cotswolds are right on your doorstep.

Bristol – best place to live in the UK?

Bristol was voted in the top three happiest places to live and work in the UK in 2023. In addition, the west country city regularly tops polls of the UK’s best places to live.

The eighth-largest city in the UK, Bristol is a creative and multicultural metropolis. From the genteel Georgian terraces of Clifton and Redland to the edgier streets of Bedminster and Stokes Croft, Bristol offers something for every demographic.

The historic Bristol Docks are now home to a thriving collection of restaurants, galleries, bars and museums. Ships The Matthew and S.S. Great Britain are also major visitor attractions, along with Brunel’s spectacular suspension bridge across the Avon Gorge.

The view over the River Avon with Clifton and Hotwells in the distance

Is Bristol expensive to live in?

Bristol is one of the UK’s most expensive cities. It routinely outpaces the nation’s average property prices, and the restaurants, nightlife spots and other key expense metrics follow suit.

While expensive overall, there are more affordable areas in this diverse city. Similarly, it’s not hard to find low-cost, but high-quality, alternatives for entertainment, dining and leisure activities. Plus, Bristol offers a wealth of cultural attractions that are free to visit.

New homes in Bristol

Bristol University and the University of the West of England ensure that demand for new homes in Bristol is always high. The aerospace industry provides a major economic stimulus to the area, with BAE, Rolls Royce and Airbus all located in Filton. The BBC has also expanded its production centre in Bristol in recent years, bringing media professionals flocking to the West Country.

So, let’s check out Bristol’s top 10 new developments. These rankings are based entirely on the scores given by verified HomeViews reviewers and nothing else.

What is HomeViews?What is HomeViews?

Property prices in Bristol

The current average sales price of a property in Bristol is £385,939, according to the latest figures from Rightmove (May 2024). A flat in the city averages at £273,034, while the average price of a terraced house is currently £383,631. Median monthly rent in Bristol is £1,750, according to (May 2024).

Check out our Bristol area guide to find out more about the city. Live in a new development in the city? Please add your own review here and help people thinking of moving to Bristol! You can easily add your development if it’s not yet on the site.

Bristol is located in the South West of the UK but it has great transport links throughout the country. It also has an airport close to the centre. Combining city and countryside living Bristol is one of the most popular cities for Londoners looking Read more about Bristol

HomeViews is the only independent review platform for residential developments in the UK. Prospective buyers and tenants use it to make an informed decision on where to live based on insights from carefully verified resident reviews. Part of Rightmove since February 2024, we’re working with developers, house builders, operators, housing associations and the Government to give residents a voice, recognise high performers and to help improve standards across the industry.

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Errors To Steer Clear Of In Healthcare Payroll Software program Choice

Precision and clearness are the basic points of healthcare payroll administration that play a vital function within the progress and success of the group. These elements assist the healthcare business to work in a compliant method, scale back worker turnover, and supply prospects with correct remedy.

Identical to different industries, healthcare payroll administration can also be difficult and solely the number of sufficient healthcare payroll software program may also help to handle it efficiently and seamlessly. Nonetheless, a single mistake within the number of digital payroll tolls could cause extra disasters to your online business well being.

On this information, we are going to talk about the commonest blunders made by customers through the software program choice and useful tricks to keep away from them.

  1. Overlooking Group Wants

The very first and main mistake that the majority healthcare industries made throughout payroll software program choice is ignoring the business’s wants. Payroll software program is of various sizes and capacities. Due to this fact, consciousness of the full variety of staff, present payroll wants, upcoming necessities, market tendencies, and compliance issues is important to make the fitting alternative.

You’ll be able to depend on your payroll administrative workers to get this data, talk about it with different administration members, and take concepts from payroll professionals or specialists to beat this downside.  

  1. Ignoring Compliance Necessities

Relying on the variety of staff, employment classes, and cost insurance policies, every firm has to deduct taxes from staff’ salaries and submit them to involved authorities.  It additionally comes below the duties of payroll administration groups.

Avoiding compliance wants and missing details about the newest tax legal guidelines and guidelines may end up in each authorized and monetary points which in flip adversely have an effect on the market status of the corporate.

  1. Skipping Staff Coaching

Implementation of latest payroll software program with out offering staff with introductory and coaching classes can also be an enormous blunder. It’s the root explanation for failure to function payroll processes successfully regardless of utilizing digital options.

Make sure that to schedule coaching classes and supply staff with platforms to observe their abilities. It is not going to solely assist in efficient payroll administration however can even polish staff’ abilities.

  1. Neglect To Verify Scalability

Contemplating present enterprise wants solely is one other damaging mistake that may lead you to the number of the incorrect payroll software program. Ignoring scalability options ends in a rising want for frequent substitute and upgradation of the payroll system.

Make sure that to decide on Netchex or another credible device with scalability options. In order that it may possibly scale with the expansion of your organization.  

  1. Avoiding Integration Wants

One other essential level that prices you large monetary damages and in addition provides to the workload of administrative workers is avoiding integration wants. Lack of integration options means you might want to buy and handle software program or instruments for every system individually.

At all times desire software program with integration instruments to make sure quick access to the HR and finance departments and all essential information.

  1. Value Based mostly Choice

Value is the important thing issue to contemplate through the number of any device or product however selecting solely on a price foundation is troubling. Attempt to discover an financial resolution however not compromise in your hospital wants, integration, and credibility of the software program.

  1. Not Contemplating Customization

Custom-made payroll options let you choose options in line with your wants and funds. Skipping this essential side typically ends in scalability, integration, and heavy price which trigger troubles for small-scale companies in a number of methods.

  1. Disregarding Information safety

Essentially the most essential side to handle the payroll course of is confidential information together with worker data, monetary studies, and affected person particulars. Compromising on information safety can result in cybersecurity threats and dropping a single paper could cause authorized and monetary points for the corporate.

At all times prioritize information safety and select a system with two-step verification and powerful information backup plans.

Backside Line

The number of the fitting payroll software program is important to align with the distinctive and difficult payroll wants of the healthcare sector.  Although contemplating each side through the software program choice is a frightening activity, following this information may also help you to concentrate on main danger elements.

By avoiding these errors you’ll be able to simply discover the fitting kind of device to your hospital or clinic and convey distinctive enhancements to the payroll division. It in the end ends in improved worker productiveness which elevates your online business progress.

10 Methods To Enhance Your Grades Shortly

We’ve all been there: observing a grade we’re lower than thrilled about, questioning the place we’d have gone mistaken. Whereas grades aren’t the only measure of intelligence or functionality, they do maintain weight within the tutorial world and might open doorways to future alternatives. The excellent news? Grades aren’t set in stone. With the proper methods and a dose of dedication, anybody can see an uptick of their tutorial efficiency. Whether or not you’re aiming for the glory roll or just need to really feel extra assured at school, this text supplies ten actionable steps to assist increase these numbers and maximize your instructional success.

In case you are in search of a quicker method to cope with your grade, please take into account addressing a reliable writing service, equivalent to WriteMyPaperHub, to get your papers written very quickly. Generally, you don’t have to learn to write higher — you simply want further time or further pair of arms. Delegating your duties to skilled writers will provide help to to attain each. College students worldwide know the advantages of task outsourcing and use it to advance with their research, get higher grades and chill out somewhat bit. It isn’t a alternative for each case, however it’s positively a good selection most frequently.

Attend Lessons Commonly

We can not stress this one sufficient. Attendance is important. Even for those who don’t really feel very properly, and you’re afraid you’ll miss half of it, half is best than nothing. Books are good as much as some level, however typically most of them are so condensed that you just get at most 20% of the wanted info and must spend hours on further analysis (that’s assuming you already know what you’re in search of!). Being current helps in understanding ideas immediately from the teacher and aids retention. Additionally, attending courses is just not solely about passive info receiving, it’s about lively participation that lets you dive deeper into the subject, be taught out of your friends and set up some necessary social connections which might be invaluable sooner or later.

Manage and Prioritize

It’s essential schedule your examine time — have a finding out timetable that’s adjusted properly to your most well-liked every day course of and observe it as a lot as you may. Please, be affordable when planning your research, don’t cram up too many duties in in the future — you won’t be able to do them and get demotivated. Prioritize assignments, checks, further actions in keeping with their relevance and significance to the ultimate end result you wish to obtain.

Create Efficient Examine Notes

Whether or not these are notes out of your courses or notes out of your private examine time, they’re probably the most beneficial sources of data and it’s good to manage them correctly from the very starting. Don’t rely solely on books — it’s good to write these details and concepts in your individual phrases, in any other case they received’t be environment friendly sufficient. Please, attempt to be tidy — we aren’t your mother, however the higher you construction your notes now, the much less time you’ll spend deciphering them later.

Kind Examine Teams

Peer studying and group, collaborative schooling is all the trend. It might be the aftermath of COVID and lengthy solely on-line out there communication, however we should always admit — group studying actually helps. Although it provides to a every day chit-chat quota, it positively holds you extra accountable on your research and allows you to ask questions extra freely. You might be right here to assist one another, aren’t you?

Use Accessible Assets

Even for those who don’t have cash to spend on tutors and somewhat paid actions attainable to improve your grades, you continue to have many choices. Take advantage of instructor or professor workplace hours to clear doubts. Moreover, don’t overlook the wealth of information in libraries and trusted on-line platforms, the place textbooks and reference supplies can present deeper insights.

Keep Away from Distractions

It’s essential give attention to research and for this there are two main approaches that it is best to mix: creating an acceptable finding out setting and getting away from as many distractions as attainable. Even for those who don’t have a separate room to review, you may guarantee that your desk or your nook are comfy, with sufficient gentle and recent air. Put away your cellphone or flip off any notifications for social media. No less than for an hour!

Apply Commonly

Regularity and consistency are the most effective for getting higher grades in the long term. Even for those who attempt all the information from this listing however do it solely as soon as, you’ll achieve near no end result. Select a number of probably the most appropriate for you and be constant in implementing you, making your finding out technique. Such progress is just not too quick, however it’s constant and really secure. You’ll get outcomes you may be actually happy with!

Preserve Bodily and Psychological Well being

Food regimen and bodily exercise are extremely necessary in the case of correct schooling. These might not be the primary ideas we give to college students who need to enhance their grades, however these are actually necessary steps. It’s essential eat entire meals at the very least as soon as a day, to scale back snacking, particularly on candy objects and drinks, as they increase after which crash your sugar ranges. You want some exercise, as bodily exercise is linked with cognitive prowess and creativity.

Replicate and Regulate

One of the best tutor is the graded papers. We can not emphasize sufficient on how a lot it’s good to replicate on these and consider your professor’s suggestions to develop and enhance your grades. Adjusting to the altering setting is one other tremendous ability you want. The world normally, and the world of schooling if explicit, modifications too quick simply to remain inflexible.

Keep Curious and Engaged

We all know how laborious it’s, however it’s good to keep focused on your research, even when they really feel like laborious work generally. It’s of paramount significance to seek out at the very least one thing participating in your courses, or in any other case you’ll burn out. Relaxation, taking good care of your self, connecting with friends — these are a few of the blocks that can provide help to keep curious and engaged along with your research.

We hope this tackle 10 methods to enhance your grades had been useful and you will notice the outcomes of their implementation within the nearest time.

How Can Universities Put together Civil Engineering College students For The Actual World?

Many graduates will know that having a level usually isn’t sufficient to safe a job within the sector they’ve studied in – employers wish to see real-world expertise and proof of abilities that may be transferred to the office.

There’s clearly a variety of concept that goes into learning civil engineering – in spite of everything, it wouldn’t be possible nor doable for each scholar to see a sensible venture by way of from design to completion.

However what can universities do to supply their college students with a greater service?

Time to adapt

There are tons of of universities within the UK alone and every year they’re competing for college kids from a single pool.

The establishments that guarantee their providing stays related in an more and more digital office would be the ones that thrive. Instilling college students with an understanding of how they will influence wider society by way of their work – and doing so with the most recent applied sciences – is essential.

Those who do it one of the best will prosper as a result of their college students usually tend to have profitable careers. Planning for future shifts can also be important – these left responding to modifications threat being left behind.

5 abilities civil engineers ought to get from uni

  1. CAD: Most venture designs are created utilizing CAD software program. Coming into the trade with out expertise of utilizing a spread of various platforms will solely maintain college students again.
  2. Maths: Sturdy mathematical abilities are pivotal for civil engineers. Incorrect calculations or missing the data to make them within the first place may find yourself having large penalties.
  3. Business expertise: Maybe most significantly, college students want real-world expertise to be ready for the true world. Whether or not that’s offering a sandwich course or higher publicity to leaders within the trade, nothing is extra essential than expertise.
  4. Management/communication: Whereas it is probably not a vital concept ingredient, college students may ultimately be main tasks as full-time civil engineers. Figuring out the best way to lead a group and talk their concepts shall be key.
  5. Organisational abilities: In the same vein, organisational abilities are a significant a part of a civil engineer’s make-up. This may assist guarantee tasks stay in compliance with laws, meet deadlines and stay inside the finances.

In conclusion…

Universities that present higher sensible alternatives to college students and do extra to arrange them for the job market are prone to appeal to the highest college students.

After all, establishments with high-profile lecturers and spectacular services on campus will nonetheless be tempting for college kids. Nonetheless, those who adapt and attempt to hold forward of the curve are prone to see elevated success.

What Shade Is Cassis?

Are you curious to know what shade is cassis? You could have come to the correct place as I’m going to inform you every little thing about shade is cassis in a quite simple clarification. With out additional dialogue let’s start to know what shade is cassis?

What Shade Is Cassis?

Colours have a outstanding capacity to evoke feelings, set moods, and transport us to completely different locations and experiences. One such fascinating shade is “cassis,” a hue that mixes the richness of deep purples with the sophistication of darkish berries. Named after the blackcurrant fruit that bears the identical title, cassis is a shade that exudes magnificence, depth, and a contact of thriller. On this weblog publish, we’ll discover the enchanting world of cassis, its origins, its symbolism, and its impression on varied realms, from trend to inside design.

Unveiling The Hue

Cassis is usually described as a deep, darkish shade that sits on the intersection of purple and burgundy. It attracts inspiration from the blackcurrant berry, a small fruit identified for its intense taste and wealthy shade. Cassis captures the essence of the ripe berry, with its tones starting from a deep plum to a velvety aubergine, making a shade that’s each luscious and refined.

Symbolism And Associations

  1. Class and Luxurious: Cassis embodies an air of sophistication and luxurious. Its deep and muted tones are paying homage to opulent materials and high quality supplies, making it a preferred alternative for elegant events and high-end designs.
  2. Thriller and Intrigue: The darkish and velvety high quality of cassis lends itself to an air of secrecy and intrigue. Just like the hidden depths of a forest at nightfall, cassis invitations curiosity and captures consideration.
  3. Emotional Depth: The deep and soulful nature of cassis provides it emotional depth. It’s usually related to introspection, contemplation, and a connection to 1’s inside self.
  4. Regal and Refined: Cassis exudes a regal high quality, making it a becoming shade for royalty and ceremonial events. Its mix of purple and burgundy conveys a way of custom and timeless magnificence.

Cassis In Vogue

Cassis has made its mark on the earth of trend, gracing runways and wardrobes with its fascinating attract. The colour’s versatility permits it for use in varied trend items, from night robes and equipment to on a regular basis apparel. In trend, cassis provides a contact of drama and refinement, making it a alternative that’s each daring and basic.

Cassis In Inside Design

In inside design, cassis brings a way of opulence to areas. Whether or not used as an accent shade or as a major hue, cassis can remodel rooms into cozy and complicated retreats. It pairs properly with neutrals, metallics, and different wealthy colours, making a harmonious stability between heat and depth.


Cassis is a hue that encapsulates the richness of darkish berries and the magnificence of deep purples. Its presence evokes emotions of luxurious, thriller, and emotional depth. Whether or not adorning trend items or enhancing inside areas, cassis brings a contact of sophistication and intrigue. As you encounter this fascinating shade, you’re invited to embrace its enchanting aura and discover the various feelings and experiences it could possibly evoke.

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Is Cassis Purple Or Purple?

The fruit is small and spherical with crimson pores and skin that turns darkish purple or black when ripe. Cassis is good with raspberry, cherry and strawberry notes and is broadly utilized in cocktails. Along with its use in cocktails, cassis is usually utilized in desserts and different culinary functions.

What Is The Shade Code For Cassis?

The RGB values for Shade Guild AC131N Cassis are 110, 65, 95 and the HEX code is #6E415F.

Is Cassis A Burgundy?

Blackcurrant (cassis) has been cultivated in Burgundy for over 4 centuries. Nevertheless it’s not simply any blackcurrant! The Burgundian black kind, famend for its deep shade and highly effective aroma, is the primary selection, coupled with “Royal de Naples,” which helps it bear fruit.

What Shade Is Cassis Purple?

Porsche Cassis Purple Metallic is without doubt one of the most polarizing and troublesome to explain colours that Porsche has ever supplied. It’s type of a purplish/pinkish mild metallic bronze that varies significantly relying on the lighting.

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